Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Down On The Farm - Current Happenings

There is SO much happening on our quest to move to the country - I'm not even sure where to begin.  If everything goes as planned, tentatively, we are about one year away from making this big change.  We are trying to get all of our ducks in a row...and it hasn't all been easy - trying to prep the farmhouse for our arrival and still maintain and repair our city place.

So where do I begin in my updates on things happening around the farm.  Well to start, we were FINALLY able to start tilling up the ground in preparation for the gardens.  Spring has sprung!  Me and my Uncle Tom tilled, disced up and raked out the East side this past weekend.  We were able to plant two 60 foot rows of seed potatoes and one row of onion sets (purple, white and yellow).  Now I just heard that one of my other cousins dropped off another bushel load of seed potatoes to be planted - wowee - we are going to get a lot of potatoes! 

We (my hubby) cleaned out and prepared our beehive for our "delayed" arrival of our new bees.  The weather has not cooperated at all so everyone in our area has been waiting patiently for the bees.  Hopefully we will get a call this week!

The 10 new Buff Orpington chicks are getting big.  One did not make it - but the remaining 9 are holding their own...getting pin feathers already.

Rock was delivered and is waiting for us to move it around to help with leveling out the interior of the new pole barn.  Once this is done we should be able to rearrange our barn configurations and really get ourselves organized.

Let's see - horseradish plants are doing awesome!  I have three separate plants they are growing like crazy!  Rhubarb is doing fantastic as well...almost ready to harvest a little! 

In the West garden we started to see our sugar snaps poking up out of the ground.  We also have a few radishes too.

My elephant garlic is doing fantastic in my herb garden area.  I relocated my garlic last Fall to section it away from some of my other garden plants so that we could monitor the water a little better.  Garlic does not like a lot of water - they like it drier.

Have not seen the asparagus poking up out of the ground yet.  We are expecting a pretty good week of weather this week - and hopefully - they will burst and start producing!

I did so much this weekend - and I am looking forward to doing more soon!  Have a great day/week!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013


The new chicks are here! The new chicks are here!  It is SO EGGCITING...LOL -

The new chickens are Buff Orpington's and they are supposed to be a very friendly variety. After being attacked by the rooster a couple of times last year - I am all about FRIENDLY!  This variety is also an excellent egg layer with good quality meat. Since we have lost a few of our hens and our rooster it was time to start incorporating new hens.  We will be using these birds as egg layers exclusively.

Buff Orpington's are supposed to make very good backyard birds. They go broody frequently and make great mothers. Due to their build they do very good in colder climates - which is good where we live since Spring will never get here! LOL :-)

Last weekend a new chicken coop was built separate from the older birds (KUDOS to my husband and Uncle).  Below are the older hens (look how chubby they are) in their chicken coop - happy campers in the freshly cleaned coop.

And below is the newly constructed coop for our new chickens.  Eventually they will be big enough to go in there and down the road we will use this area as our meat chicken pen.