Monday, January 14, 2013

Seeds, Seeds, and SEEDS for Garden 2013

So far I have received six seed catalogs.  I get REALLY excited when the seed catalogs come in the door.  Of course, I have been checking each and every one out as they get in the door.  Trying to develop the garden plan this year...  :-)

I think I have noticed something alarming though - the amount of hybrid seeds have increased tremendously this year.  Or perhaps I am noticing it more because I am focused more on heirloom seeds.  But it seems a real shame that there is so much emphasis on hybrids.  Have you guys noticed the same thing? 

The only catalog I did not receive this year was the one from Baker Creek Heirloom Seeds that I am so interested in.  So I sent them a request this morning for their catalog - just in case you would like a free catalog too - here's the link HERE.  Their seeds are comparable to Burpee and Gurneys and various others.

Last year was my first attempt at saving seeds.  I hope that the process I went through to save heirloom tomato seeds works!  I soaked them in a glass jar (covered) for 3-4 days until the white film covered the top.  Then rinsed them off and dried them for saving.  Just in case it did not work I thought I better have a back-up plan!  haha

Blogger seems to be having issues this morning with uploading photos so this is sort of a boring blog with photos!  Sorry about that!  Have a great day!

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