Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Decorative Garden Ladder Planter Experiment

Look at this great upcycling idea made from pallets.  I think it would be a beautiful addition to my garden. 

Last year I tried growing luffas for the first time in the hopes of making my own luffa sponges.  The plants were planted along a trellis, facing two different directions along the corner of our chicken coop barn - one on the South side and one on the East side. 

They did grow quite well and were approximately 6 feet high or so.  They also flowered but unfortunately, they never produced any fruit.  I think the reason might be because of the fact that they did not get sunlight all day long. 

So my experimental plan this year is to plant the luffas out in the open where they will get sunlight 100% of the day in all directions.  I can do this by building a ladder from pallets about 5-6 feet to resemble the planter shown below.  The boots are an addorable addition to be more decorative until the luffas grow to the height of the ladder.  I think it just might work.  I also plan on upcycling some of my grapevine cuttings too for some grapevine wreaths.  Fun, fun, fun!

Who do you think? 


Annie*s Granny said...

I've had a ladder in my garden for several years now. Last year the cantaloupe vines covered it. I had garden ornaments (a ceramic boot and a couple of frogs) as well as some small pots of herbs on the rungs, which were removed as the melon vines grew. I originally got the idea from the following Gardenweb post, and wish I had a couple more old ladders that I could paint and use like she did.


Farmers Wife said...

Oh my - I just checked out the link that you sent and got some more GREAT ideas! Thanks for sharing that...I like the colorful ladders too - but natural is probably what I will do...thanks for stopping by.