Sunday, November 25, 2012

Photo Updates - Kitchen Remodel Updates


Anonymous said...

Hi there! I am in the middle of remodeling our kitchen. We have almost the same set-up for our stove, ours is freestanding as well, but with no cabinets above, or a countertop on its side. The area was an 'add-on' that was poorly done by previous owners. We've decided to put a microwave above also, but need to incorporate cabinets to add some storage. I am curious about the magnetic spice is a brilliant idea and would love to have one as well. If you can share how to make and where to buy materials that would be great :)
Thank you.

PS. Love your blog!

Farmers Wife said...

Hi - thank you for stopping by and your compliments! I don't get very many "real" comments and yours was a welcome site!

I'm not sure where you live but you should be able to easily make that spice rack by purchasing a metal stove backsplash - and then either buy the magnetic spice jars from Ikea (about 4.99 ea.) or attach magnetic strips to baby food jars with lids. Let me know how it comes out! I hope that helps! Have a great day!