Thursday, October 18, 2012

SNEAK PEEK - Laundry Room Addition

While our farmhouse kitchen remodel has run into a small delay ... our laundry room got the beginning of a surprise makeover.  Well not really a makeover - just making it more functional. 

Currently, the laundry room consists of mostly storage, a closet, some shelving units, and of course the washer and dryer.  To make it more functional and useful, we would like to re-purpose our kitchen wall cabinets and one base cabinet over and on the right hand side of the washer/dryer combination. 

My Uncle thought the new sink would be a great addition to the laundry room and I have to agree.  We have an old "slop" sink down in the basement but it is not convenient and very dangerous going up and down concrete stairs with heavy pots.  I think the new sink will come in extra handy right off the kitchen for all my large canning pots, kraut crock, pickle crock, etc. etc.  As you know, these items are HUGE and I have found them very hard to fill, very heavy when filled, and/or difficult to clean in a regular kitchen sink.

Below is a photo of the fabulous new laundry room sink.  Two guys worked really hard on the installation - and I would like to thank Raymie and Uncle Tom for their installation expertise!  Good job guys!  :-)

Here's a laundry room SNEAK PEEK - more to follow after we re-purpose the cabinets!   Let me know if you have more ideas to get organized!

I also have some newly updated photos of our farmhouse kitchen remodel.  We were able to uncover the old chimney (which was under 1 layer of drywall, 1 layer of paneling, 5 layers of wallpaper (yes I counted the layers), and a plaster wall)...more details to follow with photos. 

Have a great day!

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