Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Progress - slowly by surely...

Well our VERY busy season is upon us!  We are super busy with things around the farm.  I was exhausted after last Sunday...gardening is hard work and you get a total body workout that's for sure!  But it feld good to get so much done such little time.  It'll be so much easier when we relocate out there!  Time will be plentiful!

Last weekend, I transplanted 25 rhutabagas to another location because of the nasty chickweed that is pretty much taking over our East garden.  We (me and my Uncle) worked really hard to try and get a handle on it (I'm trying not to use any weed killers on this property) and I think we won - for now.  It will be an ongoing project that I will have to stay on top of.  I rescued the rhutabagas and saved some turnips too in the process.  Last I heard the rhutabagas survived the transplant - so that was great news!  I also found the potato plants (there's about 24 plants) and they seem to be fairing well and re-growing after all the freeze problems we've been having with our crazy weather!

I also planted 8 of my beefsteak tomato plants - using the trellis system.  I'll keep you posted as to how this new planting method works.  It looks good so far....and if it seems to be working I'm going to plant my other tomatoes the same way.

Me and my husband also opened up our beehive to quickly check them out and to feed them some more sugar syrup.  Surprisingly, in one week they had pretty much ate all of the 2 gallons and a quart of sugar syrup!  They must have been starving - no I know they are working really hard!  On further inspection of the hive, I noticed they were building burr comb in a couple spots.  I wasn't sure what that was all about.  It was located on the inner cover, on the top feeder and where the queen cage used to be located.  I knocked off some of it and will knock off more next weekend.  It's not supposed to be there.  It was bright white wax comb.  Interesting process this has been so far...and guess what - NO STINGS YET EITHER!  The Carnolian bees have been very gentle...but boy were they a buzzing when we opened up the hive!

Let's see what else happened out there last weekend.  With some more help from my husband, uncle and son - we got some more onion sets planted (red, white and yellow).  Planted more radishes as our first batch was surprisingly unsuccesful.

Oh you should see all the blossoms on our strawberry and blackberry plants - things are really looking good there.  Keep your fingers crossed for a good harvest!  I hope those pesty rabbits stay away!

My husband also transferred a huge elephant ear hosta and we split it into four different sections.  Also brought out a day lilly too.  They both look good in their new locations at the farm.  (Sorry I didn't take any photos last weekend - I was pooped).  Our goal is to transplant as much as we can now from our city house to the farmhouse.  We have a lot of beautiful bulb plants, and perennials.  It'll be another project but it's a must...

Next weekend, stay tuned...our barn kit is being delivered...and I will be planting lots more stuff.  Popcorn, peanuts, winter squash, spaghetti squash, zucchini, cukes, picklers, etc.  Should be a lot of work but fun.

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dindin said...

don't know where you live but I live in Texas and we have the problem f bermuda grass here. In order to keep it out of my garden I spray once a week with 40% vinegar, orange oil and dish soap. The vinegar you can usually obtain at a feed store and maybe the orange oil too. It really knocks back the weeds and grass and anything else it touches. it is entirely natural and organic and IT WORKS!!!!!!