Monday, April 2, 2012

Playing in Dirt…and…HORSERADISH

Had another wonderful day out at the farm again last weekend.  It was a VERY productive day we got lots done again and things are coming together quite nicely (especially with it being so early in the gardening season).

We started out the day by working in the smaller garden.  Planted some onion bulbs (red, yellow and white).  Also harvested some mixed greens (that were very yummy).  Then we planted some more lettuce (caesar and mixed greens).  It seems the smooth leaved lettuces work a little better for us - sandy soil gets a lot of sandiness on the leaves that it difficult to get off and makes for a gritty salad!  LOL 

Next, we added a trellis to the sugar snap peas and planted another row on the reverse side of the trellis.  Oh I can't wait for those to get growing!  I love these trellis too and plan on using them for my cucumbers!

Stopped by a small little country store (my new favorite) and saw many things that I was interested in and thanks to one of the owners, I stumbled upon a fabulous horseradish plant that I added to my garden.

Here’s a picture of my horseradish coming back from last year….looks a little sad right now - but it's still early.

Here’s a picture of my new horseradish plant (what a difference):!! 

I’m worried that I didn’t plant the horseradish correctly though and I might have to dig it back up next weekend – we’ll see.  I need to investigate this a little further. 

Has anyone else transplanted horseradish from a container into the ground? Should I break up the roots and/or leave it all in one clump and let it spread out on its own?  Any help would be appreciate!

Have a great day.  :-)

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