Sunday, April 22, 2012

2012 Inventory

Anyone else having a lot of trouble with posting?  I am...please bear with me!
Well first let me apologize for not posting regularly the last week or so. I have been recovering from a bad jaw infection due to a failed root canal! I'm on the mend now after a retreatment and more antibiotics. Very glad and thankful to be feeling better once again!

Anyway, I thought I would update on all the projects that we have completed and/or working on for 2012. It's always a work-in-progress - and NEVER a dull moment.  We are getting closer and closer to the big move to the country and I am always working towards the goal!  Here's all the updates:

Seedlings (Heirloom)

Started tomatoes (brandywine, cherry, beefsteak, romas), peppers (habaneros, thai, mixed, wonders), cucumbers, luffas and tomatillos indoors. All of these plants are doing well. I probably started them a little early but live and learn (they are HUGE right now). I lost a few for unknown reasons but all in all the remainder are doing well and I really didn't expect this many to do so well. I've been trying to harden them off outside but the weather has not been cooperating very much! The indoor greenhouses worked out great!

Garden Preparation

Tore down the deer fence on the West garden and prepared the soil accordingly. Added manure and compost.

Planted two new horseradish plants (2011 horseradish plant coming back on left) (see new 2012 plant below) in a new location (so far so good). Planted onion sets (red, white and yellow), radish and more lettuce. Garlic (see photo on right before we got rid of the pine needles) that was planted last Fall is doing awesome.

Since we removed the deer fence it has made it much easier to tend to the blackberries. Have really been working with them to train them up the trellis. They look really healthy and seem to be going crazy growing!  Let's hope for a great harvest!  Blackberry jam is calling my name!

Strawberry beds were cleaned up early by removing the straw. They are coming along nicely as well.  Growing and spreading like crazy - since this is the 2nd year we're hoping for a good harvest!


Apple, pear, cherry and peach trees blossomed early and there was a few frosts so no telling how they are going to do but since it is just the 2nd growing season for them I wasn't really expecting too much yet.
Long term expectations are high though!



Since our Winter was so mild this year we have had a few items that survived so we have been harvested early this year! For instance, lettuce, asparagus, and herbs (chives, mint, thyme, and rosemary).


I (ok my fabulous husband) has finished putting together my 10 frame beehive. We've painted it and it's ready to be added to my newly constructed bee garden. My bee garden will have lots of flowers to last from early Spring to late Fall. I will be moving a windmill and birdbath from the city out to the farm to complete the bees new home. I don't have a definite date yet for the bees but I'm ready! It should be late April to early May - excited for their arrival!

New Home for 2012 Bees - WELCOME!

Beekeeper's Suit models - aren't they cute??


Well the chickens are holding their own and my Uncle has done an awesome job with them. They really love him and follow him around like he's the pied piper. They love to free range and dig for bugs and worms. Egg production has been down but hopefully with the weather changing things will change a little. Look at that anti-social chicken up in the wall?!

After completion of the barn, and we rearrange some items out of the barn where the chickens are housed we plan on creating an area for starting our meat chicken production and piggies.

Barn Raising

The new pole barn has been ordered and should be delivered at the beginning of May.  The barn should look similar to what's above but color will be white with green trim.  also the door will be relocated. 

The husband, my uncle and a good friend are going to be in charge of this big project!  To the left is the proposed area for the new barn...which will be started in a couple of weeks!  Yippee - another exciting project! 


Herb Garden

After my Uncle painted the barn where the chickens are housed (he did a fabulous job) - we added a new raised bed herb garden. Again the weather is holding me up but I plan on planting: basil, rosemary, oregano, mammoth dill, chives, etc. etc.  (Below is the beginning stage of the new herb garden).

East Garden

Well this garden had been an adventure this year! It will be a work in progress for a couple years I'm sure - it has gone from a farmer's field (my cousin) to a homestead field. The ground needs lots of help but we were able to disc it up and till here and there. We've planted two batches of potatoes, rutabaga, carrots, beets and sadly our cabbage patch did not make it. So I will be adding a new cabbage patch, pumpkin patch, spaghetti squash, winter squash, popcorn, zucchini, cukes, pickles, chick peas and peanuts. Peanuts and chick peas are experimental...again I'm waiting on the weather!


We also created our new composting bins. What can you say about compost - its a dirty job but someone has to do it! Lol - lots of nutrient filled compost is being created as I type this post!

Potting Bench Project

The new potting bench has not been assembled yet but there's no rush - here's the inspirational photo. I found a porcelain wash basin at an antique store that will be inserted into the potting bench and the hand pump - so it should all come together like the below photo.  It's hard to see all the details but there's a wash basin in the center and a hand pump on the right hand side.  On the back side there's a window with a curtain and a shelf over the window.  I am going to use the window inside our barn to re-create this look...  I'm not sure if we are going to be able to add running water or not to the hand pump - but it sure is cute.

Phew - WOW - we did a lot already!  I can't believe we have gotten so much done already!  Enjoy the remainder of your weekend!  :-)

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Thank you for your update. I see that you and your family are doing a lot of work to get yourself established. It looks great.