Monday, March 12, 2012


What a weekend!!  It was absolutely wonderful.  We had beautiful weather – except for the high winds on Saturday – and it was in the mid-50’s. 

I began some yard work out at the farm on Saturday.  Unfortunately, we could only stay for the day so it was a whirlwind. 

Started cleaning out our garden - tore down the exterior fence seeing no need for that anymore.  Had to pull up some old corn stalks, brussel sprout plants and tomato cages and stuff.  Threw all the old plants in the compost bin.  We need to re-build support posts for the blackberries bushes...they are getting really unruly.  Also need some better supports for the grapes.  See below - I love this idea.    I'm hoping that we get a good amount of fruit from the grapes and blackberries, oh and the strawberries!  We'll see though.  Time will tell.

Here’s a photo of the garden after the cleanup -in preparation for the tiller…the dogs were following us all over the place and were quite excited to get into the garden (a place that had been forbidden).  They were also very excited to roll around in the freshly tilled dirt - can't say that I blame them.

We had such a mild winter that my lettuce actually survived!  I actually picked a little bit and ate it…tasted pretty good to me!  We'll see how it does at it starts getting warmer out.

Checked out my orchard too - and it looks like a deer may have nibbled on a few of our trees but all in all they held their own over the Winter.  I can't wait to see some new growth and buds possibly blooming this year! 

I was also excited to see my garlic, that I planted last fall, coming up.  I have it covered under about 2-3 inches of pine needles but they were poking their green tops out by a couple of inches.  So I uncovered a little bit for a photo shoot.  Here’s what they are looking like right now:

I checked on our asparagus and I didn't see anything coming up just yet.  We increased our asparagus last year by 25-30 plants I I'm patiently awaiting their arrival!

Lastly I went over the ½ acre to see about what we could plant out there.  My Uncle had worked hard to disc up the acreage and prepare the ground for planting.  He did a fabulous job as that was no easy task.  I was a little overwhelmed (yes I said overwhelmed) when I came to this part of the planting project.  I looked at the ½  acre and thought WOW can I actually plant this ½ acre myself (of course with my husband's help too) seemed HUGE.  We both got down on our knees since it was so windy out and the seeds would have taken off for the other side of the World if we hadn't got down.  We planted about 15-20 feet of Heirloom Walla Walla Onions and Rutabaga.  Well because of this experience I decided I think we need some sort of a seeder and ordered this for the remainder of our plantings:

It's a Earthway 1001-B Precision Garden Seeder with 6 Seed Plates.  That helped me feel less overwhelmed!  I can't wait to get it - we got a pretty good deal on Amazon.  88.89 plus free shipping.  I couldn't find it anywhere else cheaper.  I think it will be worth every penny!  Little or no thinning of seedlings, saves your back, and hopefully will be much more efficient.

I also painted my beehives with a first coat of exterior paint.  I hope it’s ok to use what paint we had – it was for the trim on our garage…and it wasn’t white.  It’s sort of a taupe color.  I will have to put another coat on next weekend or so.

Have a fabulous day! Get gardening...

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