Tuesday, March 13, 2012


I thought of that title as I was watering all my plants this morning.  Kind of cracked me up a little first thing this morning. Habanero peppers were slow starters but are really getting sturdy now. California Wonder Peppers are getting pretty big now too. I am still so surprised as to how well all of our starts are doing in our greenhouses.
Tomatoes have really been going to town on the top shelf. Of course they are the ones getting the best natural sunlight.  They are soaking up all those good rays.

And after my leggy cabbage episode - I think I was able to fix that issue by repotting in bigger pots - they look great too. Seem a little leggy but hopefully will be ok - otherwise I might have to re-pot again.

Luffa plants actually have real leaves on them now. I didn't know what to expect from these seeds but so far so good!  Sorry not the greatest photos but I was up before dawn this morning!

Have a terrific day!




Farmers Wife said...

Thank you Thomas! I think this weekend I am going to try to harden them up by putting them outside for a little while (under my close supervision)!

Thanks for stopping by!