Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Farm Ancestors made us STRONGER!

So last weekend I had a surreal moment out at the farm and I thought I would share it with my blogger friends. 

Let me see if I can paint the picture and give it the justice it deserves.  This may be slightly difficult but please bear with me. 

Imagine this, I am out at the farm and it’s an absolute gorgeous day.  Sun is shining (not a cloud in the sky - ok see photo above, I guess there was a few clouds in the sky), temperatures were in the  mid-70’s and there’s very little wind.  Absolutely gorgeous!  I am on the ATV towing a disc and getting ready to work a ½ acre field in preparation for planting lots of vegetables (Turnips, Rutabagas, Cabbage, Walla Walla Onions, Carrots and potatoes).  There’s a TON of chickweed growing in this ½ acre field and it appears to me like I might not be capable of handling this task by myself.  I’m wondering can the ATV and disc handle this job – do we need a full regular size tractor to work the fields? 

I received some very important instructions from my Uncle and my husband on how to do it the right way.  Grabbed the handles and started my farming…just like my ancestors did so many years ago.  My Uncle and husband walk away to work on other projects and let me do my new task at hand.

As I’m turning the corners, round and round, over and over, I had a very poignant thought.  I am plowing up earth that my family worked for hundreds of years.  In fact, in every direction that I look – to my left – to my right – if I drove down the road – it’s the same thing.  These farm fields have been worked by my family in preparation for whatever they were planting for over 100 years (since October 2, 1872 to be exact).  It’s probably silly but I don’t really like October 2nd as someone I loved dearly – my Dad – passed away on that date…but I have something positive to focus on with that date now.  It was an absolute surreal moment….it actually brought a tear to my eyes.  I was taken aback by my reaction.

I learned yesterday that my Great Grandparent's farm received an award on April 18, 1977 from the state – the Hoosier Homestead award.  I didn’t know about the award but I was one proud great granddaughter yesterday for that accomplishment. 

My ancestors came from abroad to this great land and had a dream.  The dream to live a good life, a healthy life, and self-sufficiency was a requirement all those years ago as I feel it is still today.  They made it through thick and thin – and survived and saved the farm for a long time.  Well guess who has that same dream – who has the same goal – who wants to live the self-sufficient goal.  ME! 
Things for me have come full circle!!!

Enjoy your day.


Annie*s Granny said...

I know that feeling! I don't farm or garden on family land, but I garden with my Grandmother looking on from above. I inherited my love of the land from her, and like her, I hope I'll still be tending my garden until I'm 87 years old! Oh, dear...that's only another 14 years! Let's make it 97 years old ;-)

Barbara said...

You certainly had a wonderful day for planting. Such days are rare in part of the country.



Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing this story!