Thursday, March 15, 2012


I think I found a beautiful new idea for my planned bee garden I'm going to create.  I already have quite a few of the perennials in this photo.  I love the look of this garden and I think the bees would like it too.  Another addition to this would be something to sit on - either my swing - or a bench - so that I can observe my bees in action.  I also would surround this garden area with boulder type rocks - but not the huge ones.  You know what else I could add would be some hostas - but maybe that would change the look too much.

I'm not a flower expert but it looks like purple cone flowers, black eyed susans, lavender and mums are surrounding the bird bath.  Correct me if I'm wrong or if you see something else that you can identify.

I also have Bee Balm, Marigolds, Sunflowers and Cosmos that I am growing...and I know the bees will absolutely love those too!

I've got to figure this out pretty quickly - my bees are due to arrive the first week of April!! 

So if you have any suggestions or helpful tips or pointer  -  they would be greatly appreciated.

Have a fabulous day - and I hope the weather is great where you live.

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