Sunday, February 5, 2012

Seeds Started - 2/5/2012

I started my seeds yesterday! I started them in a variety of containers to experiment with what works best. That process reminded me of a few science experiments in high school - hope I do better this time around! Ha

The rest of my seeds will just be planted after the last frost. With this weird winter we are having I guess we just go by traditional planting times (after Mother's Day). Otherwise who knows when the last frost might be... It might be right now!

I am growing them in the new greenhouse. DH installed grow lights in the greenhouse to assist with the growing. So if all goes well we should have something happening within the week. I will be watching them like a hawk and as soon as I see progress I will be snapping some photos to share.
Keep your fingers crossed.

Here's the list of vegetables:

Brandy wine tomatoes
Yellow pear tomatoes
Roma tomatoes
Gardener's delight tomatoes
Cayenne pepper
Luffa Gourds
Golden Acre Cabbage
Habanero Hot Pepper
Sweet Banana Peppers
Beefsteak Tomatoes
Chocolate Cherry tomato
Early Jersey Wakefield Cabbage
Thai Hot Peppers
California Wonder Peppers

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