Sunday, February 26, 2012

Garden Plans

Even though they are talking more snow today - grrrrr - I'm trying to ignore that fact in the hopes that it's hype and I'm distracting myself by developing a "proposed" garden plan. I say "proposed" because there are a couple of other people involved in the proposal. :-)

My seedlings are holding strong and hopefully developing into strong and sturdy plants and I'm slightly worried that I will have way too many plants for our garden to manage this year.  But hey everything is experimental and I felt last year our garden was tremendously better than the previous year so I think that's what it's all about - learning what works and what doesn't work, growing from those experiences, and try to improve annually.

Following is an old overhead view of the farmhouse and property.  It's an older view but generally gives you an idea as to what we are dealing with this year.  It is missing the master bedroom suite that was added on the West side.  I have drawn in my "vision" for this year's garden(s) proposal. 
Now let me explain a little bit about the above photo to hopefully make things a little clearer.  The top of the photo is North. The homestead property has been expanded on the East side as indicated by the very fine orange box line.  The house sits on the South Side of the property; the garage is located in the middle; and the outbuilding barn (where the chickens are housed) is on the North Side of the property.  The darker green items are obviously pines and trees.  Our original garden is located on the West side outlined in a black box directly behind the garage.  On the East side of the property in the grassy green area is our orchard (the big tree near the middle has been removed) and the square black box in that area is northern part of that area is where our new barn will be located.  And lastly, the boxes on the East side and arrowed lines on West and East side are vegetables gardens/patches. 

So I've drawn in the proposed new areas with arrowed lines on the the West and East Sides.  Our current garden which is located directed behind the garage is 40 x 40.

Here's a sketch (I know it's pretty rough - click on it to make it larger) - of what I am proposing for these garden areas:

To be planted in area behind garage

To be planted on the East side of the property

So what do you think?  In the second sketch (please excuse that I ran out of paper for the squash patches), I am planning on planting 3 or 4 - 150 foot rows on the east side at different planting times with five foot sections of each item.  I hope that this will help guarantee the items are ready at different times for processing and preserving. 


Barbara said...

You had the word popcorn crossed off. That gave me such a taste for popcorn and I ordered some through the Swanson Vitamin link. They have an organic popcorn without any herbicide, pesticide and fumigant free which is reasonably priced so I am passing this information on. I'll let you know how it tastes as soon as I receive my package.


Farmers Wife said...

Thank you Barbara!