Thursday, February 9, 2012

Future Root Cellar

At the farm there's a room that has always been referred to as the root cellar in the basement.

I'm not sure how to utilize this space just yet. The trouble is the cellar is about 3 feet off the basement floor so in order to get into the 6x6 root cellar I would need a stool or stairs or small limber kid. I think once I get in there I would be able to stand but I would have to watch my head.

I've been reading and looking at photos of other root cellars and I think this room has definite potential as a true root cellar.

I think the first step would be to secure and seal the cellar. Since the room is underneath the kitchen, potentially I would need to insulate the ceiling rafters.

I could just imagine the space with shelving units full of canned veggies, fruits, bags of potatoes hanging, onions and garlic and baskets of winter squash!! That would be ideal!

Any ideas you might have would be welcomed!

Here's the photos of the cellar as it stands now.

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Jennifer and Steve said...

This does seem like a great space for a root cellar! Our ceiling in our basement root cellar is not insulated, but I think it would be a good idea for next year because the bedroom floor above it is so so cold. Thanks for stopping over to our blog! :)