Friday, February 3, 2012

Barns are us...

So we are getting ready to build a pole barn. Very exciting next step that has been in the works forever (it seems)!! With the weather being so unseasonably warm (50's and 60's) for February - we are itching to get the barn going.

The plan is to order a pole barn kit, have it delivered, and put it up ourselves with a few extra helpers.  The process is going to take us a little while - as we still have full time jobs!  As you can imagine though, we will save a ton of money putting it up ourselves and hopefully we can redirect the saved money into our master suite addition and kitchen remodel - which I will talk about at a later time!

There are so many types and sizes of pole barns out there I can hardly believe it. I think I have changed my mind about a hundred times already - driving my husband and my Uncle a little crazy - but hey its my job!! Below are the pole barns we are considering.

The first barn looks "pretty" with the cupola and everything and, of course, it is a little more expensive.  The second one is more economical and will give us a little more space (width and height-wise) and we can make it look pretty later.  So I think we are going with the second one (even though I like the "look" of the first one). 

We plan to put the barn on the SE section of the property (at the back of the orchard).  The location should work really well since my Uncle purchased additional property last year. 

Wish us luck!

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Anonymous said...

The second one is sure to be your best bet! Having a large barn myself, I feel that guests are more impressed with the size once they are inside and totally forget that it is without fancy trim and windows!