Monday, January 16, 2012

Two Year Plan

Well - it's down to the wire.  I'm two years away from making one of the biggest changes in my life.  Self-sufficient living.  Moving from the city, working in Chicago, and converting to the country homestead. I feel that this is change will suit me and my family.  Moving back to the old family farm and re-making what it started out to be and what it will be in the future.

This year I have a lot on mind.  Planting heirloom vegetables (and saving seeds); herb garden; building a pole barn; expanding our chickens by adding "meat" chickens; canning, drying and preserving foods; farm purchase and addition of a beautiful master suite; beekeeping; winemaking and cider making; and of course our orchard that we planted last year!  There is SO much to do I am feeling the excitement of the season already!  Lots to plan for - lots to coordinate - and LOTS and LOTS to talk about!  Very exciting!

Stay tuned for more details.  I am going to be updating more often and showing you the entire process of this wonderful experience!

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