Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Seed Starting Time!

Well I am getting geared up because it is seed starting time and this year I am planting "Heirloom" seeds.  There has been so much talk about genetically modified and hybrid seeds and after full investigation I have decided to make the switch.  I purchased my seeds through Burpee and some through Gurneys.

I purchased a small indoor greenhouse to get us started.  It is made from PVC and has casters.  I currently have this greenhouse set up in a small spare bedroom by the window.  But I have also attached a special fluorescent light to assist on those cloudy/snowy days.  It was very easy to assemble and has wire shelving to allow better circulation.  It is about 5.5 feet high and 1.50 feet wide.

To begin with I will be starting my different varieties of tomatoes and peppers.  Since this is my first time starting seeds, wish me luck!

I am also thinking about purchasing a heated mat to start some of my other vegetables like cabbage, kohlrabi and brussel sprouts.  I have read that this is the recommended method.

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