Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Seed Sprouting

So I've tried fermenting and pickling...now I think I'm going to try seed sprouting!  A few things I've learned rather quickly about sprouting...it's nutritious, always fresh, it's cheap and fairly easy.  Sounds good to me! 

Seed Sprouting Jar, Glass Half Gallon - 1 pc,(Handy Pantry)

Amazon has the above "glass" jar seed sprouter for less than $15.00 and I think I will add it to my kitchen collection.  I love the fact that it's glass - I've only seen seed sprouters in plastic tray forms.

From what I understand, all you have to do is soak your seeds for about 8 hours (or overnight) in lots of water.  Rinse the sprouts well every 12 hours being careful not to move the sprouts around too much.  Drain sprouts well and do not leave any standing water.  Lastly, you can harvest sprouts by gently pulling ripe ones out from the rest. Store harvested sprouts in a plastic bag in a cool dark place, such as a fridge, and rinse them every 3 days or so. Most sprouts will keep at least a week like this and often longer.


Anonymous said...

I haven't grown any sprouts for some time now. It is time to take out my sprouter jar and seeds and grow some on my counter. I use them on my salads and put some on top of my soups. In the past I put them in my scrambled eggs. This is all making me very hungry. I'm glad that sprouts only take a few days to grow.

I am wondering if you have ever tried daikon sprouts.

Farmer's Wife said...

Hi Anonymous! You are my first comment - thank you!

I've heard that daikon sprouts tend to be on the spicy side. Very good on sandwiches and salads. Also they are supposed to be very healthy and good for your immune system.

I've never tried sprouts on soup or in scrambled eggs - but will definitely give it a try - thanks again!