Monday, January 30, 2012


Here's our orchard we planted last year 2011.  We planted the following varieties of fruit trees:

1. Four Apple Trees (Gala, Nova Spy, McIntosh)
2. One Cherry Tree (Stella)
3. Three Pear Trees (two self pollinating trees and one grafted variety that has 4 trees in one - Bartlett, Bosc, Anjou)
4. Peach Tree

Each tree has been staked up and has a mouse guard on the bottom.  We also put mulch around the base of the tree to help with water retention...but pulled the mulch away from the base of the tree to keep any rodents from making a nest directly next to the tree and nibbling away.

The tree in the middle is a wild maple tree.

To go along with all the fruit trees - we also purchased a Pleasant Hill Grain fruit grinder/cider press.  See below.  We tried out the grinder and press last year with crabapples and it works great.  We made crabapple jelly (low sugar) from the harvest.  Very excited about using it further this we can perfect our technique.

The photos are courtesy of Pleasant Hill Grain's website -  check them out...they have a few other kitchen items I am interested in too.

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