Thursday, November 29, 2012

I Love Antiquing and Resale Shops!!!

Found a couple of very cute items while antiquing around the courthouse square last weekend and I thought I would share them with you.

My first surprise find was a honey bee teapot and honey jar I just LOVE and I had to have it!! (I think my bees would approve too - HAHA).  I think it will look adorable in the farmhouse kitchen on some of my open shelves - it'll kind of spruce up all the canisters.  The sales lady told me there will be matching honey bee plates in January!! Guess who will be going back for more in January? Lol

Also found a really nice older crock! The brand is Rows and my good friend that I was shopping with who has a ton of experience in pottery said it was a very good pottery piece. This will work perfect in the new kitchen to hold the extra utensils. 

Hope you all have a great day!  More kitchen work this weekend...STAY TUNES!

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Photo Updates - Kitchen Remodel Updates

Tuesday, November 20, 2012


This farmhouse kitchen is moving right along.  I am hopeful that it will be functioning before Thanksgiving!  Keep your fingers crossed for me please!  LOL - The stove is working so that's a definite PLUS!

Some explanation about this section of the kitchen.  The old stove had SO many disadvantages - including butting up against the wall on the left hand side.  As you can imagine, this was a major inconvenience and a real fire hazard!  If you were going to use those two burners you had to stay right there and babysit the stove - just to make sure you didn't catch the wall on fire!  Not sure why the kitchen was set up this way by my relatives (but I'm sure it was a cost saving issue or something) - but we have now corrected the hazardous flaw.  Anyway - the socket above the old burner on the old stove had to be replaced entirely due to grease build-up!  The old stove also did not allow me to use my large canner very easily and we won't be having any of that! This stove also at times takes 20-30 minutes to warm up the oven.  Can you say inefficient!

Anyway, to make this a more efficient functioning area - we decided to replace the stove.  The new stove has continuous grates and 5 burners.  We also decided to hang the microwave above the stove to get it off the countertops since we are so limited in counter space.  On either side of the cabinet we added beadboard and on the left side we will be adding a magnetic spice rack framed out in old barn board (recycling from the barn).  My plan is to build an additional spice rack out of pallets (see my upcycling idea post)....and that will be located on the left hand side for salt and pepper etc.  I'm still trying to figure out the right hand side of the microwave.  Do you have any ideas?  It's not a very big area - probably only about 6 inches.  I'm always up for fresh ideas!

So here's the before photo -

Below is the "in between" photos after the installation of the small cabinet with microwave range hood underneath:

And here's the final after photos - you should see me trying to get a good angle of this part of the kitchen. Hi Miss Maggie puppy - LOL.  I have a magnetic spice rack and a magnetic knife strip to install and some touch up work on paint and a some minor details that will finish it up later...but you get the gist.

Below is a sneak peak at my Martha Stewart chalkboard labels - I LOVE THEM!  Got these at Staples!

I hope you like the progress and now we are on to the sink wall...wish us luck!!!  Stay tuned for the sink wall!  While I'm stuck at work the hubby is out at the farm working hard on the kitchen remodel with my Uncle...WISH I WAS THERE!  Have a great day!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012


We are moving right along with our farmhouse kitchen update and have managed to complete one corner of the kitchen.  As you can imagine, this has not been an easy task while trying to keep the kitchen functioning while remodeling!

In order to keep things moving and to be less disruptive - we divided the room up into thirds.  The first corner was our open pantry shelving/storage area.  We were able to convert a corner that was about 5 feet by 5 feet into a higher functioning and usable space.

Here is the before picture:

We added a pantry cabinet on the left hand side and two additional cabinets that butt right up against the newly discovered chimney.  We added butcher block countertop and bead board to the back of the walls.  Next we added some heavy duty shelving brackets and some shelves which were just some pine boards that we painted white.  

Lastly, I added some of my canisters and my start of canning.  Little by little I hope to fill up those shelves with homemade canned goods!  I'm really pleased with how this has turned out!  There is a ton of storage on the those shelves - I could hardly believe it! 

The microwave will be eliminated once the 2nd phase (the stove wall) of the remodel is complete.  So there is plenty of room to add my food processor and stand mixer and I will still have some food prep area!

Here's the final corner (missing the new flooring which will be done last):

Stay tuned for phase 2 of the kitchen remodel...the stove wall.  We have already removed the cabinetry and re-purposed those cabinets in our laundry room...and the next update will include the new stove with overhead microwave vent hood.  Here's a sneak peak of the "before" picture of phase 2...

Monday, October 29, 2012


I love these two "upcycling" ideas - they look easy enough.  You should see the ideas out there for pallets.  Who would have thought???  I think the possibilities are endless!  Have a great day!

Courtesy of Etsy

Courtesy of Love to Upcycle Blog

Friday, October 19, 2012


Well our farmhouse kitchen remodel has been going pretty amazing so far.  It has been a lot of designing, re-designing and customizing plans due to the kitchen being 100+ years old.  Lots of laborious work going into it but it will be totally worth every bit of effort.  My husband and my Uncle have been helping tremendously with every aspect of this remodel!  I definitely could not be doing this without their help! The husband jokes around and always adds the disclaimer:  “But I’m not a carpenter, electrician, plumber, or a masonry guy, etc. etc.”   But somehow he always manages to get the job done perfectly!   

We have ordered and/or purchased most of the items that we need to update the functionality of this old kitchen.  It was necessary to purchase a new stove, dishwasher, garbage disposer, and over the stove microwave.  The new farmhouse kitchen sink and faucet, vinyl plank hand scraped flooring, microwave, garbage disposal, and cabinets are all on the premises and ready for installation!  This weekend, the plan is for my husband to pick up the butcher block countertops from Ikea.  I have never purchased anything from Ikea before so I’m hopeful that we will not be disappointed.  Hopefully having everything on site will help streamline the process of remodeling; especially since we are out of the area and only able to work on this project on weekends.

 Notice the back wall where the chimney is located.  This is the before shot. I should have tidied up!  LOL - There used to be an old kitchen stove by this chimney 100 years ago! (above)



Anyway, I began this process by removing the old border that was up around the top of the walls near the ceiling.  I sprayed and soaked the wallpaper with watered down fabric softener and then proceeded to try and easily remove thewallpaper.  Needless to say, the wallpaper was coming off but it was taking a lot of scraping, scraping and morescraping.  So next my Uncle had the best idea ever, and I attempted to use my handheld steamer machine – and boy what a difference that made.  It pretty much blasted the border of the wall with very little scraping.  Too bad I hadn’ttried that from the beginning LOL. Better late than never I guess. 


Once that was done – my husband moved on to the old chimney demolition.  Now this is where it got interesting… It was kind of a gamble because we had no idea how it would look behind the boards.  We thought it would give the kitchen tons of charm and character.  The chimney in the basement looks beautiful so we were keeping our fingers crossed that the kitchen chimney was ok underneath too. So little bit little – hepeeled and chiseled away layer after layer. Dust was flying everywhere!  The chimney was covered with layer upon layer of materials.  One layer of drywall, I think there was two layers of paneling, 5 layers of wallpaper, and plaster walls on top of a wire mesh fabric.  All dating back about 100+years.  My husband started with the sidewall on the bottom so we could kind of peel away and peek at what might be underneath and see if it was going to be worthwhile to take all that material off the chimney.  He gave it a thumbs up and started chiseling away – little by little. Here’s the process of what it looked like.  Notice the paint can lid that was used to cover the chimney stack…they used what they had to repurpose back then!!  It got the job done.

Here’s some photos of the process and how the chimney turned out.  We still have to do some finishing work obviously but this will give you the gist of how it is going:

Stripped off the drywall layer (above).

Approximately 100 year old wallpaper (above).
 Wire mesh underneath the old plaster (right)

 Close up of the Sears Roebuck & Company paint can lid
that was used to cap off the chimney stack (above).

 Crazy husband photo - he's getting there - chiseling away.  He's a hard worker!


 One corner of the kitchen is getting done at a time.

 Stay tuned for more (sorry this was SO long) - I hope you like the progress as much as I do!


Thursday, October 18, 2012

SNEAK PEEK - Laundry Room Addition

While our farmhouse kitchen remodel has run into a small delay ... our laundry room got the beginning of a surprise makeover.  Well not really a makeover - just making it more functional. 

Currently, the laundry room consists of mostly storage, a closet, some shelving units, and of course the washer and dryer.  To make it more functional and useful, we would like to re-purpose our kitchen wall cabinets and one base cabinet over and on the right hand side of the washer/dryer combination. 

My Uncle thought the new sink would be a great addition to the laundry room and I have to agree.  We have an old "slop" sink down in the basement but it is not convenient and very dangerous going up and down concrete stairs with heavy pots.  I think the new sink will come in extra handy right off the kitchen for all my large canning pots, kraut crock, pickle crock, etc. etc.  As you know, these items are HUGE and I have found them very hard to fill, very heavy when filled, and/or difficult to clean in a regular kitchen sink.

Below is a photo of the fabulous new laundry room sink.  Two guys worked really hard on the installation - and I would like to thank Raymie and Uncle Tom for their installation expertise!  Good job guys!  :-)

Here's a laundry room SNEAK PEEK - more to follow after we re-purpose the cabinets!   Let me know if you have more ideas to get organized!

I also have some newly updated photos of our farmhouse kitchen remodel.  We were able to uncover the old chimney (which was under 1 layer of drywall, 1 layer of paneling, 5 layers of wallpaper (yes I counted the layers), and a plaster wall)...more details to follow with photos. 

Have a great day!

Monday, October 1, 2012


Well - it has taken up most of the Summer of 2012 - but it was well worth the wait.  The newly added barn has been almost finished.  We have just a few more electrical items to take care of inside and then we will call it complete. 

We are really happy with how the barn turned out.  Dan did an absolute FANTASTIC job and I am very proud of him!!  Saying it was a lot of HARD work is an understatement.  I thank all of the great help that Dan received from Uncle Tom, Raymie, Dave, Josh, Timmy, and Bobby (and a few other behind the scene people ah-hem ME LOL).  Without everyone's input we would not have been able to get the job done right.  So thank you, thank you and THANK YOU!

I hope you enjoy the photos - I was the official photographer and gardener this summer.  This explains why I was absent from my blog for such an extended amount of time.

Stay tuned for the farmhouse kitchen remodel ... (demo started already)...  :-)